General FAQ

The entire booking process can be completed under the Reserve Your Spot tab on our website. If you have any questions, send an email to or call us at 412-530-2192.

  • Select times are allotted for different parties and can be seen at the beginning of the booking process. Generally speaking, days and times are as follows:
    • Tuesday-Friday: Parties can start as early as 4:00pm and as late as 7:00pm
    • Saturday-Sunday: Parties can start as early as 9:00am and as late as 7:00pm
  • Our arenas are unavailable on Monday
  • All parties are 2.5 hours long
  • Please use the Reserve Your Spot tab on our website to view the available times for your selected party date.

We recommend showing up 15 minutes prior.

  • Yes! You are more than welcome to bring your own food, drinks, cake, cupcakes, etc. We have a freezer to hold any of your frozen food.
  • We also offer discounted pizza packages through our partner, Mama Pepino’s.
  • We provide utensils, plates, cups, and napkins for any of the pizza packages.

Not to worry! All necessary rental equipment is included in your private party, regardless of the activity you are participating in. Our referees will go over the equipment and how to use it safely.

Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical, 6mm plastic pellets (bbs) that are launched via replicas called airsoft guns.

As long as the proper equipment is worn and you follow our rules, an airsoft bb should hurt no more than being struck by a rubber band!

Anyone ages 9 and up can play airsoft at The Battlegrounds. If you are in a private party and would like to have specific people on your team(s), we can accommodate this. If you are in an open-play group, we separate individuals by play style and experience to create the best atmosphere to play in. We work on a multiple group process that allows for ALL types of players from the casual player, dad and son (or mom and daughter) to players that have all of the bells and whistles.

Days and times for all open-play groups can be found on the Booking Options & Pricing

We offer three different levels of open-play for our customers based on their level of experience. They include the Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced groups. Read here to learn about each group or watch our video explanation.

For private parties and most open-play groups, our FPS limit is 365. In our experienced open-play group, the FPS limit is 400.

As long as your airsoft replica shoots within our FPS limit for your group type, you can use it! If you have an airsoft replica that uses HPA or a binary trigger, these can only be used in private parties or experienced open-play groups. For other restrictions, please check our rules.

Our facility is semi-automatic only, the exception being 3-round burst which is only allowed in the experienced open-play groups.

Yes! You are welcome to use the gear that you have. Our referees will inspect everyone’s eye protection to ensure it is fully sealed around the eyes and your lower face is protected (must have hard lower-face protection; cloths, bandanas, shemaghs, and similar materials do not count). If you want to make sure a particular piece of equipment is allowed, send an email to or message us on social media.

If this is your first time playing airsoft, we recommend wearing thick, loose-fitting clothing to allow for ease of movement and soften bb impacts. A sweatshirt and sweatpants are great options. No slides, crocs, or any open-faced footwear.

HPA is only allows in private parties or Experienced Group open-play sessions (ie. Wild Wednesday).

Riot shields are allowed, but they must be approved by our referees beforehand. You may not block doorways. When firing your airsoft replica while holding your riot shield, some part of your body must be exposed (ie. no shooting above your head, this is blind-firing).