Disclaimer: The rules on this page are imperative to follow. Failing to adhere to them could result in injury and removal from The Battlegrounds.

Facility Rules

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are permitted on our premises. If you are inebriated upon arrival or under the influence of a controlled substance, you will be asked to leave and a refund will not be given. This policy includes smelling like marijuana or alcohol. We are a family-friendly facility with a zero-tolerance policy. 

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying within our facility.
  • No smoking or vaping inside the facility. 
  • No open-toed shoes ie. sandals, flip-flops, etc.
  • Orange tips on airsoft replicas are not required at our facility.
  • Customers MUST have their replicas in a gun case, bag, or box so that it is not visible when entering and leaving our facility.
  • Propane is NOT allowed to be used in green gas airsoft guns or other items.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated.
  • You must pay and have your wristband on PRIOR to chronograph and safety briefing.

Since the pandemic began, we have been forced to change and incorporate new rules within the Battlegrounds. Here are some of our major changes: 

Reservations Only: Private parties and pre-registered open-play sessions MUST be booked on our website prior to arrival. We do allow walk-ons for open-play sessions, but we cannot guarantee a spot.

Waivers: We ask that all members of the party sign a waiver PRIOR to the party to ensure that you can make the most of your reserved time. 

Bathroom(s): Each party will be assigned bathroom(s) to use for your party to reduce the spread of any bacteria/germs. 

Online Payment: All parties will have a deposit paid during the booking process. The rest of the payment along with any additional add-ons or services can be payed on the day of your party.

Designated Delivery: The Battlegrounds has partnered with Mama Pepino’s. They offer exclusive deals that are only available when booking your party. You MAY bring your own food/drinks, but we will NOT allow any other food services delivered to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and limit outside contact. 

Airsoft Arena Rules

A referee is always present during a game. Their decisions are final during games and should not be argued with. If there are any questions for the ref or management on a particular call, please wait until after the match for it to be explained more thoroughly to not delay the game for other patrons. If an issue arises on the arena floor, please go to a referee immediately and allow them to handle the situation.  


After a referee signals the end of a game, follow these steps: 

  1. Remove your magazine from any and all airsoft replicas (including pistols)
  2. Point your airsoft replica towards the ground and fire twice on semi-automatic to remove any remaining bb’s from the chamber
  3. Switch your airsoft replica to “Safety”
  4. Place your barrel cover on your airsoft replica 

Masks: You MUST wear a mask at all times on the arena floor. If your mask is removed or the seal is broken, a referee will call for a cease-fire and you will be asked to sit out for the remainder of the match. If there is a second offense, you will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the day.

  • All masks must be approved by management.
  • Ski goggles are not allowed and goggles must be designed for airsoft.
  • If you are using a two-piece setup (googles and lower half), a hard or mesh lower is required and must cover the entire mouth at a minimum for customers over the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 must cover their entire lower face. 
  • No magazines in airsoft replicas prior to entering the arena. This includes staging, rental area, and briefing.

Barrel Covers: These are an absolute must for any and all airsoft replicas in the facility (excluding pistols, but pistols must be holstered at all times with the magazine removed). Once an airsoft replica leaves your bag or is in the building, it must have a barrel cover on. Socks, gloves, and other substitutes will not be accepted. This is both an insurance requirement and simple safety that must be adhered to. We have barrel covers for sale in the Pro Shop located here at the facility.

Chronographing: All airsoft replicas are chronographed using .20 bb’s and must shoot under 365 fps. Green gas and Co2 guns must be filled prior to the chronograph station and the hop-up should be turned off. HPA limits are at or below 1 Joule with the same hop-up setting and bb weight. HPA tanks will be zip-tied or tournament-locked after chrono. *Note: HPA is only allowed in private groups or Experienced open-play sessions.

Bang Bang Rule

  • If you are within 7 feet of an opposing player, you are not allowed to fire. To initiate the “Bang Bang Rule,” follow these steps:
    • Aim your airsoft replica at your target. Your replica must be able to fire (bb in the chamber, battery & magazine in replica).
    • In a loud voice, yell “BANG BANG!” at your opposing player without firing your replica.
    • Your opponent is now eliminated. They should now walk back to spawn and respawn as if they were actually shot.
    • If BOTH players initiate this rule, a “parley” will occur meaning that both players are eliminated and must respawn.
      • If you violate this rule, the first thing to do is apologize. If deemed not an accident, a player can be asked to sit out for the remainder of the game.
  • NO FIRING while in spawn prior to the start of a game. If you need to test fire your airsoft replica or clear the chamber after removing your magazine, please find somewhere outside of the spawn area to test fire.
  • No climbing or jumping over obstacles in the arena and do not go through windows.
  • Dead men don’t talk. Do not alert your teammates to enemy positions after you are out. This includes speaking, hand motions, and other verbal/non-verbal communication.
  • No climbing in, on, or under the cars in the arena. Do not open car doors or close open doors (if doors are open, do not go in the car). These are changed up from time to time to alter the arena.
  • Speakers: If you want to run a speaker on your gear to listen to music, it must be non-offensive music and kept at a sound level that does not bother other players.
  • No food or drink items on the arena floor
  • No real firearms or large knives are allowed in the facility. Pocket knives are acceptable on someone’s person in the facility. NO GRAVITY KNIVES (i.e. butterfly knives or switchblades).
  • NO MOVING ITEMS on the arena floor. Items are placed where they are to interrupt gameplay or as cover. They are there for a reason.
  • NO BLIND FIRING: You must be able to aim down your sights and have part of your body exposed to shoot.

CALL YOUR HITS! Airsoft is a game of honor and not calling your hits when you are shot is cheating. You must have honor to play this game. Ricochets do NOT count as a hit unless they are from a 203 grenade or airsoft grenade.

  • Semi-auto only and “NO SPAMMING” or “WALKING” the trigger. This is no different than full-auto from a rate of fire (number of bb’s shot per second) standpoint. We are accepting of a grouping of 3 shots on semi-automatic. 
  • Melee Kills: If you are close enough to touch another player for a melee kill, simply tap them on the shoulder and they are out. If you are using a fake knife, sword, or other items, you may lightly slash or tap your target. No jabbing, poking, or throwing melee weapons. 
  • No Thunder B’s or other flash bang-type grenades are allowed. Tornado grenades (or other bb-propelling grenades) and 203 launchers are allowed.
    • 203 grenades are not allowed to be banked off of windows and into a room.
    • Ricochets do count on tornadoes (or other bb-propelling grenades) and 203 grenade rounds.

“Experienced” Open-Play Rules

  • All standard Battlegrounds rules apply with the following exceptions:
    • NO BANG BANG RULE (courtesy is expected as per industry)
    • 400 FPS Limit
    • .28 BB Weight Limit
    • HPA, DSG, Gas, AEG, and Spring-powered airsoft replicas ARE allowed (1 Joule limit on .20)
    • 3-Round Burst IS allowed
    • Binary Triggers ARE allowed
    • No Full-Auto

ABSOLUTELY NO selling or trading guns/gear etc. by patrons under the age of 18 without both a parent’s approval and approval from management. Our management has a great knowledge of the value of used guns/gear and we want to be sure it is not a bad deal for all parties involved. It is not legal for players under the age of 18 to sell airsoft replicas without a parent or legal guardian. 

*Please keep in mind that we have dozens of cameras in and around the facility, but we do not recommend that anyone leaves their cell phone, wallet, or other valuable items unattended that can be broken or otherwise lost. Customers are responsible for their own items.

* Please note, since we are only allowing reservations depending on the skill level of your party, some rules regarding FPS limits, rate of fire, bang bang rule, and other restrictions may be allowed if everyone in your party agrees to it. NO SAFETY RULES WILL CHANGE.